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Is a Plush Mattress Good for Your Back?

by Walker Furniture

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Plush Mattresses for Different Sleeping Positions

Back Pain Relief

Who is a plush mattress best for?

Plush Mattresses We Recommend

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Sleeping well is essential for our health, and choosing the right mattress is key. Plush mattresses, with their luxurious comfort, are gaining attention for their potential benefits for back health.

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Plush Mattresses for Different Sleeping Positions

Do you consider yourself a side or back sleeper? Are you struggling to find a mattress? Look no further than a plush mattress. Its soft yet supportive surface can contour to your body's curves and relieve pressure points.

  • As a side sleeper, you may find that a firm mattress can put too much stress on your shoulders and hips, causing discomfort.
  • The best plush mattress allows for proper alignment of your spine and can keep you from tossing and turning throughout the night.
  • Back sleepers can also benefit from the plush feel as it distributes weight evenly and prevents sinking in too deeply.

Back Pain Relief

Various types of back pain can occur due to the usage of an old or inappropriate mattress. However, the proper mattress plays an essential role in maintaining both healthy spinal alignment during sleep as well as overall quality of rest. Back pains might occur due to inappropriate mattresses that are not suitable for sleeping:

  1. Having a mattress with varying levels of firmness is essential for people with different sleeping patterns.
  • Generally, experts recommend that those who sleep on their backs should find the best mattress for back pain.
  • However, if you usually sleep on your side, choosing a slightly softer mattress can effectively lessen shoulder and hip pains during slumber.
  • Using a mismatched mattress that does not suit your preferred sleeping position might increase spinal pressure, causing more severe discomfort.
  1. You must note that an older or unresponsive mattress could transfer motions from your sleeping partner due to poor motion isolation, ultimately disturbing your limited minutes of restful sleep -this irregularity in slumber could lead to increased back pain and restless nights.
  2. An aged mattress could be problematic by lacking the appropriate motion isolation features, making it susceptible to vibrations and movement. This often results in disturbed sleep patterns accompanied by throbbing back pain that may lead to restless nights.
  3. As mattresses age, they tend to house allergens, dust mites, and other particles causing respiratory issues or triggering allergies. The build-up of these irritants can cause poor sleeping experiences leading to discomfort and inadequate rest resulting in recurrent morning back pain.

Who is a plush mattress best for?

If you're a side sleeper or even someone who favors sleeping on their back, plush mattresses may be your best bet. The comfort and support offered by these types of mattresses are particularly beneficial to individuals whose sleeping preferences fall under this category, especially side sleepers.

One of the significant advantages is that plush mattresses aid in easing pressure points caused by weight and gravity impact while sleeping. These mattresses provide ample cushioning allowing for gentle compression and distributing tension across your body rather than in one isolated location like the hips.

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Plush Mattresses We Recommend

The epitome of a luxurious sleep experience is found in plush mattresses, which prioritize comfort and cushioning. They are deliberately crafted to envelop the body with gentle support, making them a preferred choice for individuals who adore a plush feel when they snooze.

Plush mattresses' combination of comfort and pressure relief make them enticing for side sleepers or anyone seeking a soft mattress. Those hunting for either a weightless sensation while slumbering or an endeavor to ease pressure.

Serta® Serta Classic™ Wrapped Coil Euro Top Plush Queen Mattress

Serta Classic Wrapped Coil Euro Top Plush Queen Mattress

Serta Classic Wrapped Coil Euro Top Plush Queen Mattress

The Serta® Serta Classic™ Wrapped Coil Euro Top Plush Queen Mattress exemplifies the dedication that Serta has towards comfort and quality, manifested through their 90-year journey in innovating sleep.

Established as a globally recognized brand, it delivers exceptional products nationally to over 150 countries worldwide, encompassing an individual-centric approach that ensures customer satisfaction.


  • Serta® PillowSoft® Foam
  • Cool Twist® Gel Foam
  • PillowSoft® Aire
  • 805 Individually Wrapped Coil System
  • Certipur-US® Certified

Sealy® Posturepedic® Plus Brenham Hybrid Soft Tight Top Queen Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid Queen Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid Soft Mattress

The Sealy® Posturepedic® Plus Brenham Hybrid Soft Tight Top Queen Mattress is the perfect upgrade to your sleep experience – offering you exceptional features and benefits.

  • The mattress has the highest coil count, ensuring optimal stability and support for a restful night's sleep.
  • Its thick layer of high-quality memory foam contours perfectly to your body, relieving pressure points while promoting serenity.
  • Furthermore, this bed's edge is both ventilated and reinforced, providing comfort throughout the night while increasing its durability.
  • To keep things safe from dust mites or any other nasties that could disturb our slumbering selves, an antibacterial soft knit cover protects this bed while also enhancing comfort levels with it feeling cool to the touch.


  • Cooling Foam
  • Targeted Support
  • Duraflex™ Pro Coil Edge System
  • Protective Cooling Cover
  • Quality You Can Trust

Tempur-Pedic® TEMPUR-ProAdapt™ Soft TEMPUR® Material Queen Mattress

Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Soft Material Queen Mattress

Tempur-Pedic Soft Memory Foam Mattress

Introducing the Tempur-Pedic® TEMPUR-ProAdapt™ Soft TEMPUR® Material Queen Mattress! You can now experience uninterrupted comfort thanks to innovative cooling technology and the most pressure-relieving material out there.

This mattress provides full support that adapts to your body, alleviating all pressure points while guaranteeing a soothing sleep. The soft TEMPUR-ES® comfort layer maximizes relaxation during periods of rest whilst the TEMPUR-APR® Support Layer ensures overall support.

Moreover, with its removable SmartClimate® Dual Cover System and a 10-year limited warranty, you won't have to worry about having an unpleasant sleeping experience any longer.|


  • 12 Inch Mattress: Soft-feel mattress
  • TEMPUR-ES® Conforming Comfort
  • TEMPUR-APR® Support Layer
  • Tempur-Pedic’s SmartClimate® Dual Cover System Removable Cover
  • Designed and assembled in the USA with a 10-year limited warranty for comfort you can rely on.

Walker Furniture

Upgrade your sleep experience with the perfect plush mattress from Walker Furniture. Discover the ultimate combination of comfort, support, and pressure relief that a plush mattress offers. Whether you're a side sleeper in need of cushioning or a back sleeper seeking optimal softness and support, Walker Furniture has a wide selection to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I consider when shopping for a plush mattress?

A: When shopping for a plush mattress, consider your preferred sleep position, body type, and personal comfort preferences. Additionally, pay attention to the materials used in the mattress, such as the comfort layers and support system, to ensure they align with your desired level of plushness and support.

Q: Will a plush mattress be too soft for me?

A: The plushness of a mattress is subjective and can vary based on individual preferences. While plush mattresses provide a softer feel, they still offer support through the underlying materials. It's essential to try out different mattresses and consult customer reviews to find a balance between comfort and support that suits your needs.

Q: Are plush mattresses suitable for all sleep positions?

A: Plush mattresses are generally well-suited for side sleepers and some back sleepers. Side sleepers benefit from the cushioning and pressure relief provided by plush mattresses, while back sleepers may find a plush surface comfortable, especially if it includes zoned support to maintain proper spinal alignment.

Q: Do plush mattresses retain heat?

A: Plush mattresses can vary in terms of heat retention, but some plush models may trap body heat more than firmer mattresses. To address this concern, look for plush mattresses with cooling technologies like gel-infused foams or breathable materials that promote airflow and temperature regulation.

Q: Can a plush mattress help with back pain?

A: Plush mattresses can provide relief for back pain, especially for individuals who require extra cushioning and pressure relief. However, it's crucial to find the right balance of support and plushness. If you experience chronic back pain, consulting with a healthcare professional is recommended.

Q: How do I maintain a plush mattress?

A: To maintain a plush mattress, follow the manufacturer's care instructions, which typically include rotating the mattress periodically to ensure even wear. Using a mattress protector can also help protect the mattress from stains and spills. Regularly vacuuming the mattress and keeping it clean and dry will contribute to its longevity.

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Walker Furniture helps Las Vegas and Henderson homeowners and renters find the best living room, dining, and bedroom furniture selections to complete their homes. Complete with mattresses and patio or home office furniture, they invite you to see all that Walker Furniture has to offer for yourself!

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