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Best Mattress Stores Las Vegas: Walker Furniture

by Walker Furniture

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About Walker Furniture & Mattress

Mattress Brands at Walker

Mattress Stores Las Vegas: Walker’s Mattress Types

Best Mattress Stores Las Vegas: Our Difference

Ways to Save at Walker Furniture


Why Trust Us?

The search for the right mattress is unique to each individual. At Walker Furniture, we understand that there are several key factors to consider when helping you in your search–that’s why we stock several top mattress brands in a wide variety of firmness levels, sizes, and construction types. Our staff is ready to guide you toward a mattress tailored to your needs so that you can feel confident you’re investing in a mattress that will improve your sleep, address your common sleep complaints, and improve your overall well-being. That’s the difference a great mattress can make!

Explore Mattresses at Walker Furniture & Mattress

Looking for a new mattress? Discover options from top brands like Sealy, Purple, Tempur-Pedic, and more at Walker Furniture & Mattress, today!

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In this guide to the best mattress store Las Vegas has, we’ll highlight the history of Walker Furniture & Mattress, compare top mattress brands, and discuss different mattress types. Then, we’ll explain what sets us apart from other retailers and how you can save on a mattress from Walker Furniture.

About Walker Furniture & Mattress

Walker Furniture & Mattress is proud to call Clark County home. We have three locations in the Las Vegas area, and a clearance center and outlet showroom in Henderson, NV so you can find unbeatable discounts on mattresses and furniture.

Established in 1960, Walker has been providing quality mattresses and furniture to our customers for more than 60 years. Originally owned by Ruth and George Walker, the Alterwitz family took over in 1973. Deanne, Larry, Linda, and Daryl are passionate about serving the Las Vegas Valley as the best Las Vegas mattress store.

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Not only that, but Walker Furniture is dedicated to giving back to the community. For the past 30 years, through our Home for the Holidays initiative, we’ve been collecting nominations for those in need and fully furnishing homes every holiday season. Our Help for Heroes program is designed to help Clark County active-duty military personnel and veterans who need specialized furniture such as lift chairs, adjustable beds, and special mattresses. And, Our Project Firehouse: Rested & Ready program was born out of a desire to serve the community’s first responders. We’ve done a variety of projects, such as providing Clark County Fire Stations with new mattresses and foundations for all 30 of their stations.

Mattress Brands at Walker

As one of the best mattress stores in Las Vegas, Walker Furniture offers a selection of the top mattress brands on the market today, including our own brand of mattresses: Walker Sleep. You can find everything from well-known brands like Tempur-Pedic and Purple to luxurious, high-end options from Stearns & Foster. Let’s take a look at the top brands available at Walker Furniture & Mattress:


Tempur-Pedic is renowned for its memory foam mattresses, using TEMPUR material designed to conform to the body's shape, offering support and pressure relief. Tempur-Pedic is often favored by individuals seeking advanced memory foam technology for personalized support and pressure relief. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are often positioned in the higher price range due to their advanced memory foam technology and premium materials.


side view of a modern bedroom with a purple mattress, emerald green bed frame, and a light blue wall

Purple, known for its innovative Purple Grid technology, creates mattresses that aim to provide a balance of support and breathability. Purple mattresses are ideal for those who prioritize innovative materials and hot sleepers who need more airflow. They work well for a wide variety of sleepers and sleep positions, making them a great choice for couples with different preferences. Purple mattresses are typically priced at a mid-range level, offering a balance between innovative technology and affordability.


Beautyrest, a Simmons brand, targets consumers seeking a luxurious sleep experience, often incorporating advanced coil systems for motion isolation, making it a suitable choice for those valuing opulence in their mattresses. Beautyrest mattresses cover a wide price range, with luxury models at higher price points and more affordable options with fewer features.


Serta is known for providing a balanced mix of comfort and support, making it ideal for individuals who appreciate a variety of mattress types, from memory foam to hybrids. Serta offers a range of mattresses with varying prices. Their more basic models are often affordable, while advanced or hybrid options may be in a higher price bracket.


front view of a sealy mattress in a modern bedroom with a teal headboard and pink pillows, and a shelf above the bed with books and a plant on it

Sealy offers versatility, appealing to a broad range of customers with diverse mattress options, including the supportive Posturepedic line. Sealy provides a diverse range of mattresses, allowing for different price points. Their more basic models can be more affordable, while advanced options may be pricier.

Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster, a high-end brand under the Sealy umbrella, specializes in luxury mattresses, featuring premium materials for an opulent sleep experience. Stearns & Foster is positioned in the higher-end market, with luxury mattresses and premium materials, making them more expensive compared to some other brands.

Walker Sleep

Walker Sleep appeals to environmentally conscious consumers by focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, making it an excellent choice for those prioritizing both comfort and environmental responsibility in their mattress selection. Walker Sleep mattresses tend to be very affordable and budget-friendly mattresses while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Mattress Stores Las Vegas: Walker’s Mattress Types

When it comes to searching for the best mattress and mattress stores Las Vegas, NV, has, there are several aspects to consider. Other than shopping by brand and price, we recommend shopping by size, technology, and comfort. Let’s take a look at each of these categories.

Mattress Size

view of a contemporary bedroom with a panel wall, black beautyrest mattress, on a light wood bed frame with two dark wood side tables

While other choices take a bit more consideration, you likely already know what size mattress you want based on your room and bed frame size. Walker Furniture & Mattress features all the standard sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

Twin, twin XL, and full beds are ideal for furnishing kids’ bedrooms, and we have a whole selection of youth furniture to pair with a new mattress.

While queen and king are the most common choices for guest bedrooms and primary bedrooms, California king mattresses can be a good fit for some. They are longer and narrower than king mattresses, making them ideal for taller individuals or those with a narrower bedroom layout.

Mattress Technology

You may hear this category referred to as mattress type, mattress construction, or mattress material, all synonymous with mattress technology. There are several different options, each one suited to a specific type of sleeper. Walker Furniture stocks all the popular mattress types. Let’s look at each one.

  • Pocketed Coil: This mattress type features individually wrapped coils, providing better motion isolation and contouring to the body. It is ideal for couples or individuals sensitive to motion transfer. It can work well for all sleeper types (side, back, and stomach).
  • Wrapped Coil: Similar to pocketed coils, wrapped coil mattresses feature individually encased springs for enhanced support and reduced motion transfer. It is ideal for those seeking support with minimal partner disturbance.
  • Euro Top: Euro Top features an additional layer of padding sewn directly onto the mattress surface for extra cushioning. It is well-suited for those who prefer a plush, luxurious feel.
  • Pillow Top: This mattress type features an added layer of soft material sewn onto the top for a plush and comfortable surface. It is best for lighter-weight individuals and side sleepers who prefer a softer and more cushioned sleep experience.
  • Tight Top: Tight top mattresses have a firm, flat surface and minimal padding. It is suited for those who prefer a firmer feel and more support, namely heavier-weight individuals and back and stomach sleepers.
  • Innerspring: Innerspring options feature a traditional coil system for support. It is suitable for sleepers who enjoy a more traditional and responsive mattress feel, especially average and heavier individuals as well as back and stomach sleepers.
  • Memory Foam: This mattress type features foam that conforms to the body's shape, offering excellent pressure relief. It is best for individuals who prefer a contouring and body-hugging sensation, namely side sleepers and light or average-weight individuals.
  • Hybrid: The hybrid mattress type combines elements of innerspring and memory foam or latex for a balanced feel. Who it’s best for depends largely on the firmness level of the bed.

Mattress Comfort

close view of an arm and hand pressing down on a plush white mattress top

Mattress comfort refers to how plush or firm a mattress is. Our mattresses cover the typical range: ultra plush, plush, medium plush, medium, firm, and extra firm. As a general rule of thumb, side sleepers and lighter-weight individuals prefer plusher mattresses while heavier individuals, back sleepers, and especially stomach sleepers prefer firmer mattresses.

Best Mattress Stores Las Vegas: Our Difference

Walker is different from other mattress store Las Vegas options because we’re not just another impersonal big-box store. We are a locally-owned, family-owned business that is deeply rooted in the Las Vegas community. We’re committed to providing excellent service, quality products, and community investment.

Not only that, but we stock well-known and highly-rated brands and offer great deals on mattresses and furniture. Whether you are buying a new mattress, making over a room in your home, or furnishing your whole house, Walker Furniture can help make your dreams a reality.

front view of a light blue bedroom with a blue stearns and foster bed on a white bed frame with light round wooden side tables

Ways to Save at Walker Furniture

Walker Furniture is a discount mattress store Las Vegas offers and has plenty of ways to save. From holiday and seasonal sales to our ever-changing current promotions, there are deep discounts throughout the year on must-haves like mattresses, sofas, and dining room sets.

We also offer financing options to make your dream home attainable. In-store financing allows you to buy your furniture and start enjoying it right away while you pay it off in predictable monthly payments. With the Synchrony Walker Furniture credit card, payments are interest-free if paid in full within 6 or 12 months. You can also lease-to-own your furniture through Progressive Leasing.


Who makes the best mattresses?

There is no single mattress brand that reigns supreme because different individuals have different needs when it comes to mattresses. Some brands specialize in contouring and supportive foam, while others specialize in eco-friendly offerings, luxurious materials, or specialized grid technology. Some fan favorite brands include Purple, Tempur-Pedic, and Stearns & Foster.

Are Tempur-pedics worth it?

Tempur-pedics are consistently sought-after mattresses thanks to their unique design and high customer satisfaction ratings. They do tend to be more expensive than other mattresses, but many buyers report that the investment is worth it.

Where to buy a mattress in Las Vegas?

If you live in Las Vegas and are searching for a "discount mattress near me," you can find an unbeatable selection of mattresses at Walker Furniture whether you have a certain mattress type, brand, or comfort level in mind.

Why Trust Walker Furniture & Mattress?

Walker Furniture and Mattress has been providing incredible customer service and top furniture expertise to the Las Vegas area for over 67 years. This locally owned furniture store has a humble beginning as a mattress builder in the Chicago area since the 1900’s which blossomed into a booming legacy of selling furniture and mattresses. in 1973, Deanne and Oscar Alterwitz purchased Walker Furniture from original owners, Ruth and George Walker.

Walker Furniture helps Las Vegas and Henderson homeowners and renters find the best living room, dining, and bedroom furniture selections to complete their homes. Complete with mattresses, living room furniture, dining room furniture, home office furniture, and more! We invite you to see all that Walker Furniture has to offer for yourself!

Shop Mattresses at Walker Furniture & Mattress

Stop by any of our 3 Las Vegas furniture locations or our Henderson, NV furniture store to see what a difference buying locally with an experienced staff can make. Or shop mattresses online! Our friendly experts are always happy to help you find the right mattress for a good night’s sleep — whether you call us at 702-384-9300, use our online chat feature, or visit us in person.

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