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Reclining Sectionals


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Rancher 3 Piece Manual Reclining Sectional
Rancher 3 Piece Manual Reclining SectionalModel #:9271-3PC
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$4,999.99Save $3,001.00
Rancher 3 Piece Power Reclining Sectional
Autumn 7 Piece Power Reclining Sectional
Autumn 7 Piece Power Reclining SectionalModel #:4007-PWR-7PC
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$8,299.93Save $4,499.94


Contempo 6 Piece Power Reclining Sectional
Duncan 6 Piece Power Reclining Sectional
Epic 6 Piece Power Reclining Sectional
Espresso 6 Piece Power Sectional
Espresso 6 Piece Power SectionalModel #:1495-PWR-6PC
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$4,999.99Save $2,500.00


Ocean 6 Piece Power Sectional
Ocean 6 Piece Power SectionalModel #:90307-PWR-6PC
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$3,999.99Save $2,000.00
Penthouse 3 Piece Power Reclining Sectional
Relaxer 6 Piece Power Sectional
Warrior 6 Piece Power Sectional
Waterproof 6 Piece Power Sectional

Shop the Best Reclining Sectionals in the Las Vegas Area

Welcome to Walker Furniture's Reclining Sectional Sofa Sets Collection!

Upgrade your living space with ultimate comfort and relaxation by exploring our wide selection of reclining sectionals. Whether you prefer the classic ease of manual reclining or the modern convenience of power reclining, we have the perfect options to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Shop Manual Reclining Sectionals: Discover the timeless appeal and hands-on control of our manual reclining sectionals. Crafted with precision and quality materials, these sectionals offer effortless relaxation at your fingertips. With smooth mechanisms and plush cushioning, our manual reclining sectionals ensure unparalleled comfort for every moment of leisure. Explore our collection to find the best manual reclining sectionals that blend seamlessly with your home decor. Shop Power Reclining Sectionals: Experience the epitome of luxury and innovation with our power reclining sectionals. Effortlessly recline at the touch of a button, thanks to advanced technology and ergonomic design. Indulge in customizable reclining positions, adjustable headrests, and built-in USB ports for added convenience. Our power reclining sectionals redefine comfort and style, offering a contemporary aesthetic and unmatched functionality. Explore our range to discover the best power reclining sectionals that elevate your living space to new heights of relaxation.

Why Choose Walker Furniture for Your Reclining Sectionals? At Walker Furniture, we are committed to providing the best reclining sectionals that combine superior craftsmanship, comfort, and style. With decades of experience in the furniture industry, we understand the importance of quality and customer satisfaction. Our curated collection features top-notch brands and designs, ensuring that you find the perfect reclining sectional to complement your home. Shop with confidence and explore our selection of reclining sectionals today!

Browse Our Collection and Shop Reclining Sectionals: Ready to transform your living room into a haven of comfort and style? Browse our catalog of reclining sectionals to find the perfect addition to your home. Whether you're seeking the classic charm of manual reclining or the modern allure of power reclining, we have everything you need to create your ideal relaxation zone. Shop the best reclining sectionals at Walker Furniture and experience unparalleled comfort with every seating experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reclining Sectionals

What is a reclining sectional?

A reclining sectional is a type of sofa that features built-in reclining seats, typically with footrests that extend outward for added comfort. Unlike traditional sofas, reclining sectionals offer multiple reclining seats within a single unit, providing ample space for relaxation and lounging.

What are the benefits of a reclining sectional?

  • Enhanced comfort: Enjoy the luxury of customizable reclining positions and ergonomic support for optimal relaxation.
  • Space-saving design: Maximize seating capacity in your living room without compromising on comfort or style.
  • Versatility: Reclining sectionals come in various configurations to suit different room layouts and preferences, from L-shaped designs to modular options.
  • Family-friendly: With multiple reclining seats, reclining sectionals accommodate the whole family for movie nights or casual gatherings.

What types of reclining mechanisms are available in reclining sectionals?

  • Manual reclining: Operated by a lever or pull mechanism, manual reclining sectionals offer a classic, hands-on approach to reclining.
  • Power reclining: Controlled by an electric motor and push-button controls, power reclining sectionals provide effortless reclining at the touch of a button, often with additional features like adjustable headrests and built-in USB ports.

How do I clean and maintain a reclining sectional?

  • Regularly vacuum or brush upholstery to remove dust and debris.
  • Spot clean spills and stains promptly using a mild detergent and water.
  • Avoid placing sharp objects or heavy items on the reclining mechanism to prevent damage.
  • Follow manufacturer's instructions for specific care and maintenance guidelines.

What size options are available for reclining sectionals?

Reclining sectionals come in various sizes to accommodate different room dimensions and seating needs. Common size options include:

  • Two-seater reclining sectionals
  • Three-seater reclining sectionals
  • L-shaped or corner reclining sectionals
  • Modular reclining sectionals with customizable configurations

Can I customize the upholstery and design of a reclining sectional?

Yes, many furniture retailers offer reclining sectionals with customizable upholstery options, including fabric, leather, and faux leather. Additionally, you may have the option to choose the color, texture, and design details to match your decor style and preferences.

Are reclining sectionals suitable for small spaces?

Yes, there are reclining sectionals available in compact designs specifically tailored for small living rooms or apartments. Look for space-saving features such as wall-hugger recliners or modular configurations that can be adjusted to fit snugly into tight spaces.

What is the warranty coverage for reclining sectionals?

Warranty coverage for reclining sectionals varies depending on the manufacturer and retailer. Typically, warranties may cover structural defects, reclining mechanisms, and upholstery for a specified period. Be sure to review the warranty terms and conditions before making a purchase.