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Are Purple Queen Mattresses Worth It?

by Ann Louisa

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Purple Queen Mattress Features

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Why are Purple Mattresses a Great Choice?

Which Sleep Position Benefits the Most?

What Does Purple Offer Customers?

Are Purple Mattresses Worth It?

Purple Queen Mattresses We Recommend

Why Trust Walker Furniture & Mattress?

 If you're in the market for a new mattress, you may have come across the Purple Queen mattress. This popular mattress is known for its unique comfort and support, but is it worth the price tag? First, we'll look at what makes the Purple Queen mattress unique and see if it's worth your investment.

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Purple Queen Mattress Features

Calling all sleep enthusiasts - the Purple Queen Mattress offers the ultimate sleeping experience. It's the perfect choice for restless spirits, featuring a unique comfort grid that cushions your body like a dream. Plus, with free shipping and free returns, you don't have to worry about lugging around a bulky mattress to find the stores near you.

This advanced innovation can provide personalized support with cooling technology which helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep. In addition, motion transfer is virtually eliminated so that you won't be disturbed by other movements in bed. After one restful night on this luxurious mattress, you'll never want to return to a lousy sleep experience again!


Sleep cooler and breathe easier with the temperature-neutral Grid technology of our mattress! With over 1400 air channels and breathable foams in its base, you'll enjoy a restful night without any uncomfortable temperatures.

Instant Response

Enjoy total comfort and restful sleep with the GelFlex Grid! Its innovative design provides support right where you need it, flexing to your unique posture while you adjust throughout the night. Wake up refreshed, having had an incredibly comfortable sleep experience.

Pressure Relief

Get the heavenly feeling of pressure-free sleep when you sink into our Grid mattress. With its specially designed layers that offer extra cushion to your hips and shoulders, it's like getting a hug from your bed!

Find Mattress Stores Near Me

Mattress stores in Las Vegas are the perfect places to look for Purple`. You can find a wide assortment of mattresses and bedding.

Look no further than a Purple Mattress if you want to upgrade your sleep but need more time to shop around. Their Hybrid Premier Mattress in a Box is available at local mattress stores near me! Three layers of temperature-regulating foam provide the perfect combination of firmness and support for good rest night after night.

Plus, its natural breathability helps circulate air throughout the night for optimal comfort. So take advantage of this convenient solution and get your hands on this mattress today - you won't regret it!

Shopping locally for a mattress can provide you with numerous advantages.

1. Firstly, you can try out the mattress in person before committing to your purchase. This way, you can ensure it is the most comfortable for you and provides the best support and pressure relief for your body type.

2. You'll also get plenty of opportunity to scope out the mattresses firsthand; try them out and feel confident in your decision before you take one home.

3. Finally, shopping for a mattress in the store can allow you to find matching dressers, bed frames, and other furniture pieces. Depending on your preference and style, many furniture stores can customize or tailor-make items that perfectly match your new mattress. Whether you're looking for something modern and chic or classic and timeless.

Why are Purple Mattresses a Great Choice?

We've given you a lot of reasons why a purple queen mattress should be at the top of your mattress shopping list. However, if Purple mattress features weren't enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons to consider putting Purple at the top of your list!

The Purple® Hybrid Premier Mattress is a Unique Sleep Experience

  • Its innovative top layer, The Purple Grid, contains 30 patented technologies to keep you cool and comfortable for optimal support throughout the night - no matter how much you move around!
  • You can choose between 3" or 4" of weightless cushioning from this Smart Comfort Grid, which adjusts with your body's contours.
  • And if that wasn't enough? We've included an individually-wrapped coil base layer beneath it so that those dreams will come effortlessly each morning!
  • Crafted from CertiPUR-US ® certified polyurethane foam offering endless reliability backed by a 10-year limited warranty -you can count on getting quality zzz's every night!

Experience the Revolution in Sleep

  • Feel like you're floating on cloud nine with Purple Grid technology for improved No Pressure Support and Responsive Support Coils to cradle your entire body. Slip into luxurious comfort that's tailored just for you!
  • Upgrade your sleep with the Premium StretchMax Cover and experience unparalleled comfort. This cover provides superior stretch for a no-pressure feeling, and ultra-breathable side panels guarantee ideal temperature regulation through the night. A perfect companion to enjoy deep, restful slumber!
  • For the perfect night's sleep, experience "no-pressure" support with Purple Grid! This revolutionary gel material instantly adjusts to your body and sleeping position for personalized cushioning that is soft where you need it and firmly supports your natural posture. Choose 3 inches or take things up a notch with 4 inches of zero gravity comfort – either way, you'll feel like floating on air!

Which Sleep Position Benefits the Most?

Everyone has a preferred sleeping position they are most comfortable in, but did you know some positions are better for you than others? Let's take a look! 

Back Sleepers

Purple mattresses are one of the best sleeping surfaces to support the ideal sleep position for comfort and better health. According to studies, sleeping on your back is the most advantageous position for improving circulation, posture, and spine alignment.

This position also reduces the chances of problems like muscle soreness and acid reflux. When searching for purple mattresses near me that provide additional support in this position, I look to their signature Purple Grid that helps properly cushion your head, neck, shoulders, and hips while remaining cool throughout the night.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is also beneficial for many people. Purple mattresses are designed to provide side sleepers with the support their body needs throughout the night.

The mattress’s signature Purple Grid is engineered to create a supportive and breathable surface that contours to your body, helping to keep your spine aligned. This position can help reduce backaches and neck pain often caused by sleeping on one side for long hours.

Aside from relieving pain, side sleeping can also provide many other benefits. For example, studies suggest it can improve digestion, reduce snoring, and even lessen anxiety levels.

It may also help reduce acid reflux, as gravity helps keep stomach acids in place while you sleep on your side. In addition, side sleeping may help get more oxygen into your bloodstream due to its improved circulation, which contributes to overall health and well-being.

Purple mattresses are designed with comfort in mind for those who prefer sleeping on their sides. Their unique Purple Grid is constructed out of Hyper-Elastic Polymer material that provides users with instant comfort while keeping them cool all night long.

This material also allows the mattress to conform to each individual’s shape and weight distribution, providing personalized support for any sleeper, regardless of size or shape.

The combination of the materials and the mattress design allows the user to feel comfortable and supported throughout the night without having to worry about waking up in pain or discomfort due to a lack of adequate support provided by their mattress.

Purple mattresses are designed specifically for those who prefer side sleeping; they make an excellent choice for anyone looking for maximum comfort and better health benefits from their sleep position choice.

What Does Purple Offer Customers?

A Purple mattress offers customers unparalleled comfort and support with its revolutionary design. The unique, grid-like surface contours around your body provide ultimate cushioning and breathability.

  • All Purple beds come with a generous 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial period to ensure you love your mattress before committing.
  • In addition, their customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns about the Purple Queen mattress or any other product in their lineup.
  • With innovative designs, unbeatable warranties, and helpful customer service, it's easy to see why people choose Purple for their mattress needs!

Are Purple Mattresses Worth It?

Purple mattresses are making waves in the mattress industry with their innovative design, luxurious comfort, and unbeatable support. Purple's patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer allows them to craft genuinely unique mattresses that provide adaptive contouring of your body and an unparalleled sleep experience.

Plus, Purple mattresses come at an excellent value, offering more features than their competitors for a fraction of the price. So if you're looking to upgrade your night's rest, Purple is a great option; find a Purple mattress near me, and you'll be able to try why Purple mattresses are worth it!

Purple Queen Mattresses We Recommend

 Now that you know all the quality features of Purple mattresses, here is our top Walker mattress choice we'd recommend spending your night on.

Purple® Hybrid Premier 3 Queen Mattress

purple hybrid premier 3 mattress

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With years of research and over 30 patents in development, the Purple® Hybrid Premier Mattress has revolutionized mattress sleeping. Its signature top layer, The Purple Grid, is designed to contour your body while staying cool for improved comfort throughout the night - ensuring you'll wake up feeling refreshed every morning!

For the perfect night's sleep, look no further than Purple® Hybrid Premier 3 Queen Mattress. This mattress brings together generous layers of comfort and support to help you drift off into a blissful slumber after your longest days–all at an affordable price! So make your bedroom dreams come true today!

Why Trust Walker Furniture & Mattress?

Walker Furniture and Mattress has been providing incredible customer service and top furniture expertise to the Las Vegas area for over 67 years. This locally owned furniture store had humble beginnings as mattress builders in the Chicago area since the 1900’s which blossomed into a booming legacy of selling furniture and mattresses. in 1973, Deanne and Oscar Alterwitz purchased Walker Furniture from its original owners, Ruth and George Walker.

Walker Furniture helps Las Vegas and Henderson home owners and renters find the best living room, dining, and bedroom furniture selections to complete their homes. Complete with mattresses and patio or home office furniture, they invite you to see all that Walker Furniture has to offer for you!

Shop Mattresses at Walker Furniture & Mattress

Stop by and of the 3 Las Vegas furniture locations or our Henderson, NV furniture store to see what a difference buying local with an experienced staff can make. Or shop mattresses online! Our friendly experts are always happy to help you choose a Purple mattress  — whether you call us at 702-384-9300, use our online chat feature, or visit us in person.

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