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Will Medicare Pay for a Lift Chair?

by Walker Furniture

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What is a Lift Chair?

Why is a Lift Chair Better Than a Regular Chair?

Who Are Lift Chairs Good for?

Will Medicare Pay for a Lift Chair?

The Cost of a Lift Chair Without Insurance

Alternative Lift Chair Financial Assistance

Who is Eligible for Medicare Lift Chair Coverage?

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If you're wondering whether or not Medicare will pay for a lift chair, the answer is maybe. It all depends on your circumstances and what type of lift chair you need. Here's what you need to know about getting a lift chair covered by Medicare.

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Lift Chairs

What is a Lift Chair?

Lift chairs have become increasingly popular, as they provide a great way to get around safely and with ease. Generally, these chairs are motorized devices that can be elevated, allowing those with limited mobility to remain independent and maintain their quality of life.

Lift chairs help users get in and out of a chair by relying on an integrated motor system that allows them to move up and down securely. Those using a lift chair typically sit down on the unit at the bottom of the stairs, where it is securely attached.

Note, a lift chair for stairs is a different kind of lift chair. For this article, we’re discussing recliner lift chairs.

Why is a Lift Chair Better Than a Regular Chair?

With the rise of age-related physical impairments, lift chairs have become a great asset to many individuals. Not only do they provide comfort and support when sitting or reclining, but they also offer essential mobility benefits.

Unlike regular chairs, lift chairs assist the user in transitioning from the seated to the standing position with ease and stability, which is beneficial for those lacking strength or balance.

In addition, since lift chairs are designed for easy positioning to any angle between zero and sixty-five degrees (or more), they offer more flexibility to users who may be experiencing stiffness or soreness in their neck muscles.

Finally, with various sizes and colors available, shoppers can find a lift chair that will meet their individual needs and look stylish in any room of their home.

Who Are Lift Chairs Good for?

Chair lifts are an excellent option for seniors struggling with mobility issues. Chair lift technology can turn almost any furniture into an aid to help ensure safe and comfortable movement without sacrificing independence or luxury.

Chair lifts allow seniors to remain seated while they shift their weight, allowing them to stand up with improved posture and balance. Chair lifts are an excellent way for seniors to increase independence and safety while remaining comfortable.

Will Medicare Pay for a Lift Chair?

A close up look at a Medicare form

If you require a lift chair, the question of whether or not Medicare will cover its cost is paramount. Fortunately, Medicare may help to pay for either part or all of the costs associated with purchasing a lift chair if it is prescribed by your doctor and necessary to treat a medical condition.

So, if you have a current issue that would benefit from using a lift chair, speak with your doctor about getting one on prescription for Medicare coverage.

It is important to note that even though Medicare might help defray part or all of the cost related to purchasing a lift chair, there may be limitations on the range of choices available depending on the provider; be sure to check with them before making any final decisions.

Medicare will pay for a lift chair purchase or rental, with the exact amount varying depending on the beneficiary’s particular situation. On average, Medicare covers up to 80% of an approved lift chair purchase, with beneficiaries responsible for covering the remaining 20%.

For rental costs, it pays up to 80% of the Medicare-approved amount for up to two months and then all additional individuals month as long as they have a medical necessity.

However, Medicare will not cover extras like fabric upgrades, heating elements, or remote controls. Due to this additional cost burden, many beneficiaries opt to install some of these features to remain comfortable in their lift chairs while keeping out-of-pocket costs at a minimum.

The Cost of a Lift Chair Without Insurance

If you don’t qualify for Medicare assistance, knowing how much is a lift chair will help you keep your pockets from going empty. This depends on the desired lift chair size, features, and brand. Since lift chairs come in different sizes, some as small as petite and tall as bariatric, prices will vary significantly based on the size of the chair.

Also, lift chairs have many extra features, such as heat or massage capabilities, that may require an upgrade, which will add to the cost.

Finally, the brand selling the lift chair also matters greatly; premium quality chairs will cost a bit more than ones with fewer assurances but can save a lot of trouble down the road due to their durability.

It is essential to consider your budget and needs carefully when shopping for a lift chair; by weighing these variables accurately, anyone seeking a retailer should be able to find an affordable option from a reliable brand.

Alternative Lift Chair Financial Assistance

Other options are available to obtain financial assistance for a lift chair purchase. Medical care providers, such as Medicaid and Medicare, could be contacted as they may be able to help cover the costs.

In contrast, non-profit organizations that focus on helping disabled individuals with medical equipment purchases might have grants or other forms of assistance.

Furthermore, churches and other local community-based charitable organizations often offer grants to those in need. It is also worth inquiring if any financing programs or interest-free installment plans are offered by the store from which the lift chair is being purchased.

Finally, research tax credits that may be applicable in certain situations when purchasing medical equipment and furniture for home use. With some effort and research, it is possible to find additional sources of financial aid for a lift chair purchase.

Financial assistance for lift chairs is available from several governmental programs depending on individual circumstances. Medicaid, Social Security Disability Insurance, Medicare, and Supplemental Security Income are all potential sources of aid for those who meet their qualifications.

To find out which program you may be eligible to apply for, contact your local Social Security office or speak with a qualified attorney experienced in disability law. You can also research state-specific assistance programs, such as the California Home Maintenance & Modification Program.

Who is Eligible for Medicare Lift Chair Coverage?

An elderly couple smiling as they read a paper

Medicare is one of the most popular health insurance programs available to eligible individuals in the United States. Medicare coverage for a lift chair includes Part A and Part B, but you must meet several eligibility requirements.

Generally, individuals must be 65 or older or have specific disabilities or long-term illnesses to qualify for a lift chair. Additionally, extra benefits may be included as part of the policy depending on the particular coverage.

To confirm eligibility and understand what Medicare covers, it's essential to check with an experienced healthcare provider who can guide and assist throughout the process.

Acquiring a lift chair through Medicare can involve navigating various conditions and qualifications. Generally, a patient must have a severe or ongoing mobility disability that requires special seating for help with standing or transferring from a seated to a standing position.

In addition, a lift chair must be considered medically necessary and ordered by the patient's physician. A trial period in which the patient should use the chair is also required to determine if the lift chair meets their needs and provides satisfactory relief from symptoms associated with impairment.

You may also require an evaluation from an OT, PT, or ST before Medicare approves coverage for the rental or purchase of a lift chair. It is important to note that every situation is different, so it is best to check with Medicare about individual examples.

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