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4 Top L Shaped Couches for Living Room Seating

by Ann Louisa

The Walker Furniture Opulent 2-piece sectional set in a contemporary living room

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Benefits of L Shaped Couches

Types of L Shape Couches

Materials Used in L Shaped Couches

Sizes of L Shaped Couches

Top L Shaped Couches from Walker Furniture (By Price)

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L shaped couches for modern and contemporary living rooms are gaining in popularity. Many people are turning to these multi-piece couches for a variety of reasons. In addition to traditional sectionals, there are now small L shaped couch options available.

The first sectionals became popular in the '50s, but there are many more options today. You are no longer limited to large sectionals, making L shaped couches perfect for homes of every size. One thing is for sure, these top L shaped couches are not your grandparents’ furniture.

L shaped couches are versatile, but they aren’t for everyone. Here is how to determine if an L shaped couch is right for you, what to look for in L shaped couches for living room seating, and our top four L shaped couches.

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An L shaped couch is great for movie nights, hosting family and friends, and just lounging after work

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Benefits of L Shaped Couches

There are many advantages to L shaped couches for living room seating. Whether you are looking for a small L shaped couch or a larger L shaped sectional couch, you’ll immediately notice these benefits of sectionals from Walker Furniture in Las Vegas.

✅ Added Seating and a Decreased Furniture Footprint

L shaped couches give you the same amount of seating with a smaller footprint. Two couches, two love seats, or a couch and a chaise set can be more expensive than an L shaped couch. You’re also putting the two items into one piece, which is an overall smaller frame than two independent pieces.

An L shaped couch with a chaise is particularly beneficial. An individual chaise is a luxury for most, but many large and small L shaped couches often have a chaise on one side to give you more versatility in a smaller space.

✅ An Adaptable L Shaped Sectional Couch Grows With Your Household

Some L shaped sectional couches come in pieces that you can order at will. An L shaped couch that is only two pieces, but modular L shaped couches can be expanded to fit up to six pieces within the same collection. When this is possible, it gives you the option to start with a smaller couch and add pieces as your family grows.

These L shaped couches can also be perfect for renters because they can adapt as your living room shape and size changes. Modular sectionals have many possible configurations just by moving the pieces around, such as flipping the chaise from the left side to the right side.

✅ Easy to Move L Shaped Couches From Walker Furniture

One of the biggest advantages of L shaped couches is that they are the easiest to move of all types and styles of couches. This is really important for most people, as a recent Gallup poll found that about 24% of Americans have moved in the last 5 years.

Because they are in two or more pieces, L shaped couches can easily be split apart to make moving up or down stairs easier. The pieces are also lightweight, making it easier to move without hiring professional assistance. That also means an L shaped couch is easier to fit into a room, particularly awkwardly shaped spaces. You should still measure your space for an L shape couch, but overall, you'll have an easier time maneuvering one of these pieces around in a space.

A graphic showing how to measure furniture and appliances

Types of L Shaped Couches

l shaped couch

Just as there are many different types of couches, there are several different types of L shaped couches. The most popular L shaped couches are smaller, more streamlined designs and larger reclining couches. Here are the most popular types of L shaped couches.

  • Traditional L shaped sectional couches with lots of padding and features like cup holders
  • Modular L shaped couches that can be transformed into many configurations at will
  • Reclining L shaped couches that have recliners in two or more seats
  • L shared couches with a chaise, full or half

Of course, there are other ways that L shaped couches can be broken down into categories. Next, we’ll take a look at upholstery options and other materials used in L shaped couches.

Materials Used in L Shaped Couches

An L shaped couch consists of a frame, springs, padding, and covering. Most frames are made of solid and durable engineered wood, but some frames may be made of solid hardwoods. Most padding is made of synthetic fibers such as polyester. This is a safety feature, because polyester is fire retardant and one of the safest upholstery options.

There are several upholstery options available for covering of the couch. The most popular upholstery for L shaped couches in the modern or contemporary style are:

  • Polyester or synthetic material, which is usually scotch guarded for durability.
  • Microfiber of varying quality and feel
  • Leather, although an L shaped leather couch takes more maintenance
  • Corduroy, the most popular material for modern L shaped couches
  • Linen, which is the hardest to keep clean

A graphic depicting four different types of furniture upholstery

There are pros and cons to all types of furniture coverings, and it is best to make sure you understand the care and maintenance of each before committing. Some households go with microfiber for affordable comfort, while families are more likely to go with a polyester that can stand up to the abuse of children.

Sizes of L Shaped Couches

The most attractive benefit of L shaped couches is that they work well for small spaces. According to the US Census, apartments and homes are both getting smaller, which lends to their new popularity.

The size of your L shaped couch depends on configuration and design. It is similar to having two pieces of furniture combined into one piece, which makes them take up less room than two independent pieces. The most common configurations for these couches are:

  • Loveseat plus chaise (3 seats)
  • Couch plus chaise (4 seats)
  • Two loveseats (4 seats)
  • Couch and loveseat set (5 seats)
  • Two loveseats and a chaise (5 seats)

The benefit to getting an L shaped sectional couch with a chaise is that it can actually seat more than one person. Children can often share a chaise, and they also make an excellent place to lay small children to rest while visiting with friends and family into the night.

Top L Shaped Couches from Walker Furniture (By Price)

L shaped couches are much more affordable than you might think, especially when compared to comparable living room sets. These couches run from $800 to $4000, showing that there are options for every budget. Here are our top L shaped couches from least to most expensive from the Walker Furniture and Mattress Nevada catalog.

Walker Furniture Afton Sectional

This L shaped couch from our Afton collection does hark back to mid-century modern style. The clean lines and minimalist design are paired with a corduroy fabric of microfiber upholstery. The deep blue color fits well in most interior design and decor. Meanwhile, the simple raised feet of dark wood give this couch a sophisticated and modern look.

afton sectional

Unlike the sectionals of days gone by, the Afton L shaped couch features a chaise that gives you more versatile seating options. It isn’t the smallest couch of this type that we offer, but it is small enough for most apartment living rooms to feel spacious. Use its dark upholstery and clean lines to accentuate the look and feel of modern living rooms that are all the rage these days.

Opulent Sectional from Walker Furniture

 opulent sectional

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The Opulent sectional is designed to live up to its name. Upholstered with plush microfiber covering, this L shaped couch is as comfortable as it is stylish. The overstuffed style harkens back to sectionals of the '80s, while the overall style is more contemporary and modern. Nail head trim brings added sophistication to this sofa, as well as dark feet that raise the couch to a comfortable level. This is one of our smallest sectionals.

Journie Sectional by Walker Furniture

opulent sectional

The Journie sectional is for the homeowner that wants fluffy, comfortable seating for the whole family. It is also of the overstuffed style, with a plush look that could only come from this decade. More than an L shaped sofa, this couch is almost a U shape by combining two loveseats with a chaise. The combination gives up to six to eight people a place to sit, depending on size and age of the household.

This is a bigger sectional that will require more space. It won’t be as suitable for renters of apartments and small homes. However, this sectional is still incredibly easy to move, breaking down into four pieces.

Walker Furniture Parchment 6 Piece Sectional

This is the ultimate in sectionals from Walker Furniture, and one of our most popular models. This sectional is the traditional size, with 6 separate sections including a conjoining corner seat. It has the overstuffed upholstery of traditional sectionals, but with a modern design.

journie sectional

The biggest advantage to the Parchment sectional is that it has oversized reclining seats on either end. This gives you the ultimate in comfort and style at a very reasonable price when compared to other similar sectionals.

We have many other sofas, couches, and sectionals for you to choose from, as well as complete furniture sets. Come see us at our las Vegas furniture showroom or browse our catalog online to discover even more ways an L shaped couch can enhance your family's favorite place to lounge.

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