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7 Contemporary Nightstands Perfect for Modern Bedrooms

by Walker Furniture

contemporary nightstand in a bedroom

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All About Contemporary Style

8 Favorite Contemporary Nightstands Perfect for Modern Bedrooms

How to Create the Perfect Contemporary Bedroom


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Designing a contemporary bedroom involves creating a modern and minimalistic space that is both comfortable and functional. It emphasizes clean lines, simplicity, and a neutral color palette with occasional pops of bold colors. The goal is to achieve a sophisticated and inviting bedroom that promotes rest and relaxation. If you want to take one small step toward creating a contemporary bedroom, we recommend starting with a nightstand. The nightstand is a practical and essential part of any bedroom, so that you have what you need within reach whether that’s your alarm, glasses, or that book you can’t wait to read before bed.

In this article, we’ll compare contemporary and modern styles, offer tips on creating the perfect contemporary bedroom, and share some ways to save on bedroom furniture from Walker Furniture. We’ll also recommend 7 of our favorite contemporary nightstands that are perfect for a modern bedroom redesign.

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All About Contemporary Style

People often think contemporary and modern styles are interchangeable, identical design style categories, but they’re not. While modern design began in the very late 1800s and was at its height from the early 1900s to 1950s, contemporary design is a new interpretation of the modern movement. Contemporary style is also a more general term that refers to the styles of the present and the future. It is constantly evolving and incorporating whatever is on-trend at the moment. It isn’t tied to a specific time period, like modern design, which makes it harder to pin down because it incorporates a number of design styles. 

Contemporary and modern design do have a lot in common. They both embrace minimalism and eschew clutter. Both styles incorporate a number of finishes, including glass, metal, and exposed wood. Neither style is overly ornamental, but contemporary style may include ornate pieces or details that are popular at the moment.

The overall simplicity in a contemporary space makes it easy to swap out accessories as different things become popular. Just make sure not to over-accessorize; simplicity is key. For example, a contemporary living room may feature well-crafted end tables and couches with clean lines that remain in the room even as you switch out wall art, accent chairs, pillows, rugs, or other accessories.

There are plenty of common features in contemporary and modern design.

Similarities Between Contemporary and Modern:

There are plenty of common features in contemporary and modern design. Here are a few:

Clean lines
Geometric shapes
Neutral colors

Distinctive of Contemporary Style:

There are also design elements that set apart contemporary style. Here are a few:

Stark contrasts, like a black and white color palette
Bright and bold accent colors to contrast neutrals
Curved lines
Textures like natural fibers or upholstered furniture pieces
Evolutionary, based on what’s on-trend at the moment

7 Favorite Contemporary Nightstands Perfect for Modern Bedrooms

In terms of furniture choices, if you are designing a contemporary or modern bedroom, your furniture will likely be very similar. Either way, you’ll want to be on the lookout for clean lines and simple details rather than ornate carving or beveled edges. As you browse contemporary nightstands with drawers, you can choose from numerous finishes, including glass, metal, and wood. It is recommended to stay away from whitewashed or distressed finishes. Keep reading for 7 of our favorite contemporary nightstands from Walker Furniture.

Clarity Nightstand

brown wood nightstand with marble top and two drawers

Shop the Clarity Nightstand

The Clarity Nightstand is one of our favorite modern nightstands with its contrasting marble, wood, and matte black finishes. Remember, contemporary design is all about stark contrasts. We love the angled legs and simple drawer pulls, and the marble sets this piece apart as a unique choice for your contemporary bedroom.

Glossy Nightstand

white nightstand

Shop the Glossy Nightstand

The Glossy Nightstand shows how beautiful a simple nightstand can be. Clean lines, simple drawer pulls, and a restrained color palette make this a perfect choice for a contemporary bedroom design. This white contemporary nightstand embraces contemporary’s clutter-free feel and gives you the freedom to accessorize or incorporate stark contrasts elsewhere in your room. Sometimes, it’s helpful to choose simple, anchoring furniture pieces as a base so that you can take risks or layer in details with less permanent pieces. It’s much more affordable to swap out a pillow or lamp that you get tired of than a nightstand.

Dreamy Nightstand

white nightstand with mirror accents

Shop the Dreamy Nightstand

The Dreamy Nightstand is a decorative nightstand that embraces modern glam style. Clean geometric lines and metallic accents keep this in the realm of contemporary design while the sparkling, rhinestone effect of the drawer pulls is a fashion-forward choice. If you’re looking for a fun and unexpected element to add into your design, this white contemporary nightstand is a great option.

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Leonard Nightstand

grey wood nightstand

Shop the Leonard Nightstand

The Leonard Nightstand is simple and classic. It is a great backdrop that would work well no matter what direction you take the rest of your space. Black trim and drawer pulls add just enough interest and contrast without crossing over into being busy. This contemporary nightstand has a slightly industrial feel which could be softened with other textures like rugs or throws throughout your space.

Emporium Nightstand

wood nightstand

Shop the Emporium Nightstand

The Emporium Nightstand is one of our favorite wooden nightstands. It is sleek and simple, with the subtle contrast of metal drawer pulls. The dark espresso brown finish is sophisticated, and we love the contemporary plinth base. This nightstand also features two electrical outlets and USB charging ports and an opening in the open storage cubby for cord organization. Style and convenience meet together in this contemporary wood nightstand.

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Burk Nightstand

wood nightstand

Shop the Burk Nightstand

Another one of our favorite contemporary wood nightstands, the Burk Nightstand, offers ample storage with its wide design and three drawers. Clean lines and a dark finish give this a classic look that you won’t get tired of. It easily adapts to whatever accessories and colors you choose to incorporate into your room. For your convenience, a 110V power supply with dual USB charging port allows you to charge your devices while you sleep.

Plumb Nightstand

rounded nightstand

Shop the Plumb Nightstand

The Plumb Nightstand features a contrasting, two-tone finish in a neutral color palette. The ring drawer pulls add interest without being overly ornate. The drawer fronts are slightly curved, giving this black contemporary nightstand a unique and irreplicable feel. If you are looking for a contemporary nightstand with a dose of character, this is an excellent option.

How to Create the Perfect Contemporary Bedroom

In addition to incorporating a pair of nightstands from Walker Furniture, here are some tips for creating the perfect contemporary bedroom.

➤ Incorporate a lot of contrast with a neutral color palette and bold accent colors.
➤ Incorporate lots of textiles and textures, but keep window coverings minimal.
➤ Opt for rugs instead of carpets.
➤ Embrace light and install track lighting or recessed lighting.
➤ Hang up a piece of large-scale art or hang frames in high-gloss, matte black, natural wood, or metal finishes.
➤ Avoid elaborate details and over-accessorizing. Leave open space.


How do I make my bedroom look modern?

To make your bedroom look modern, opt for clean lines, minimalistic furniture, and a neutral color palette. Incorporate modern decor elements like geometric patterns, sleek lighting fixtures, and abstract artwork.

What are the features of the modern bedroom?

Features of a modern bedroom include a simple and uncluttered design, functional and space-saving furniture, ample natural light, and a focus on comfort. Modern bedrooms often have a serene ambiance with an emphasis on creating a relaxing environment.

How do I choose a bedroom layout?

When choosing a bedroom layout, consider the size and shape of the room, the location of windows and doors, and your personal preferences. Aim for a layout that allows for easy movement, promotes good flow, and optimizes space for key elements like the bed and storage.

What is a contemporary bedroom vs a modern bedroom?

A contemporary bedroom and a modern bedroom are similar in some aspects but have distinct differences. A modern bedroom refers to a specific design style that emerged in the early to mid-20th century, characterized by clean lines and simplicity. On the other hand, a contemporary bedroom is more fluid and refers to current design trends, often incorporating a mix of different styles and influences.

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