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2 Space-Saving Bookcase Beds

by Walker Furniture

A bed with a bookcase headboard

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What is Bookcase Bed Storage?

8 Ways to Use Bookcase Beds

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A bookcase bed is a type of bed that has built-in shelves for storing books, movies, or other bedroom items. They are often used in children's bedrooms to keep toys and belongings within reach but can also be beneficial for adults. If you want extra storage space or a stylish and unique bed, a bookcase bed may be the perfect option. Read on to learn more about bookcase beds and their benefits!

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What is Bookcase Bed Storage?

For those looking to seamlessly incorporate storage space into their bedrooms, a bookcase bed may be the perfect solution. A headboard with shelves creates an attractive and practical way to organize books, alarm clocks, and other items you want close by while sleeping.

With this type of bed, clutter can easily be kept at bay while keeping the things you most want on hand near the bed. Thanks to the stylish designs available, it's easy to pick out a bookcase bed that fits in with any décor in the home.

Bed with shelves, commonly known as bookcase beds, are an excellent space-saving solution for those living in small apartments and other tight spaces.

These kinds of beds spring open to reveal shelves and cubbies that give users a storage-efficient place to keep items they may need throughout the night, such as:

  • Books
  • Phones
  • Remotes
  • Glasses

As a bonus, since these items will be right within reach while lying down in bed, there is no need to get out of bed to retrieve something. Therefore, bookcase beds are both stylish and practical for those looking for innovative storage solutions.

8 Ways to Use Bookcase Beds

How do we like to use bookcase beds? Here are eight creative ways to take advantage of the bookcase bed design for various bedroom layouts.

1. They're great for small bedrooms or apartments where every square inch counts.

Twin bookcase beds are an excellent option for small bedrooms or apartments. Not only do they create a compact sleeping space, but they also double up as additional storage solutions, as the name suggests.

Twin bookcase beds allow you to make the most out of every square inch in your small apartment or bedroom, creating more space for other furniture pieces or items.

2. A bookcase bed might be the perfect solution if you're looking for a unique way to store your belongings.

Children playing with various toys in a room

A bookcase bed takes care of both tasks if you're trying to save on space and freshen up your bedroom simultaneously. This unique, multifunctional piece of bedroom furniture is a bed frame with shelves, allowing you to have your books next to your bed or store other knick-knacks on the side!

It's an ingenious way to keep things out of sight while creating a clean, modern look. The versatility and functionality of a bookcase bed make it perfect if you're looking for a neat yet creative way to de-clutter and maximize your storage capacity — without sacrificing style.

3. Studying teenagers and collegiates can use bookcase beds.

A teenage boy sitting next to a bed on the floor

Bedroom space for teenagers is often at a premium, even more so when it's necessary to fit a workspace into the same area. To maximize limited square footage, many parents are turning to bookcase beds as the ideal solution.

Combining both a bed frame with shelving, these beds save precious floor space and provide storage options for study materials and supplies.

As stylish as they are functional, bookcase beds ensure that teens can study in the comfort of their environments without having to resort to uncomfortable or makeshift collections of furniture. In addition, teen bedroom makeovers on the inside now have an attractive counterpart on the outside!

College students also increasingly turn to bookcase beds to make their dorm rooms efficient and stylish. These specialized beds have a frame with built-in storage space underneath for things like books, clothing, and other items that need to be kept out of the way.

Even better, bookcase beds save much-needed space and come in lots of shapes, sizes, and colors so they can blend with existing decor or become the focal point of a bedroom.

In addition, this type of bed provides the perfect solution for a bed frame with storage for students who may need more room or want more options than just stashing their belongings away in closets or under the bed.

4. Bookcase beds add style.

Queen bed frames with storage capabilities can be a stylish solution for your home decor. Bookcase beds offer extra storage space, perfect for:

  • Books
  • Extra blankets
  • Small items

Not only do they provide practicality with their additional storage compartments, but they also work well to organize your room.

A queen bed frame with storage can come in various styles and finishes, from modern to traditional designs. By incorporating an eye-catching design into the perfect amount of storage, these stylish bookcase beds are sure to make your bedroom look more spacious while providing functionality.

5. Get rid of inconvenient under-bed storage with a bookcase bed.

A man checking under his bed with a smart phone light

Under bed storage is often neglected, but filled with bins, tubs, and boxes of stuff can become a nuisance. A bookcase bed is a perfect solution to eliminate inconvenient under-bed storage without sacrificing much-needed storage space in your home.

It's not just practical; it's also convenient and stylish. Not only can you store items such as extra sheets, blankets, pillows, and other cozy items on the shelves and drawers of the bookcase headboard behind your bed, but you'll also be granted extra living space beneath your bed that boxes and piles of junk would have otherwise taken up.

In addition, with a bookcase bed, you'll have an easier time cleaning up and storing away all those objects that used to clutter up your floor.

6. Bookcase beds save you from purchasing large storage items.

Bookcase beds are a great addition to any bedroom, as they provide both the convenience of a bed and an additional storage option.

This eliminates the need to purchase a separate item for storing extra items like books or clothing, which can save you money when replacing a bed or completing your bedroom decor.

Not only do these unique pieces provide both function and style, but they also look great in any room of the home.

Bookcase beds come in various styles and materials, so there’s something for every taste or budget. You’ll quickly find that this type of bed is worth adding to your list of furniture purchases.

7. Bookcase beds also provide a place for children to put their things away.

Having a place to store your things away at night is an integral part of teaching kids organization and responsibility. Providing children with designated storage spaces in their rooms helps them stay organized and allows them to easily track their belongings.

In addition, it creates an environment that fosters healthy habits and teaches children practical life skills that will come in handy for years. Plus, if everything has its own home, it makes for a much neater sleeping space!

8. Bookcase beds can be used as a reading nook or homework station during the day.

A close-up of various hardback books

Bookcase beds offer modern families a multifunctional piece of furniture that can make bedrooms look cozy and inviting and provide plenty of storage space.

For small spaces, bookcase beds create an eye-pleasing atmosphere while providing ample area to keep books, alarm clocks, and other items are hidden away yet within easy access.

Additionally, these beds make ideal reading nooks and homework stations during the day; when the time comes to hit the sack, a simple downward pull reveals a spacious sleeping area.

Whether the task is completing homework in a snug spot or settling in with a good bedtime read, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips with one of these innovative pieces.

Bookcase Beds We Recommend

At Walker Furniture, we have several bookcase beds to choose from, but we also have a few of our own favorites. Here’s a look at a few of them we’ve hand-picked from our catalog.

Sierra Full Bed

Front view of the Sierra bookcase bed

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Transform your bedroom with the Sierra Brown Full Wall Bed — perfect for making the most of small spaces! Not only does this stylish bed boast a bookcase headboard, but it also comes equipped with four convenient storage drawers. Stop by the store today to learn more about this fantastic deal.

Kaitlyn King Size Bed

The Kaitlyn king-size bookcase bed with blue and white bedding

Shop Now

Want to make your bedroom the envy of all? The Kaitlyn Collection is worth considering! This stunning set will bring style and class into any room, with a headboard featuring an open shelf for extra storage. Plus, the mattress isn't included — giving you even more options when creating your perfect oasis! Check out our store today for complete details, including a queen bed frame with storage if you want to save a little more space and money.

A king-size bed is an excellent choice for couples who want maximum sleeping space without having to choose two separate beds. It's also perfect for singles or solo sleepers who like the luxuriously large proportions and want plenty of room to stretch out. King beds provide enough width for both people to enjoy personal space during sleep yet still offer a cozy cuddle factor when desired. Additionally, king-sized mattresses are more comfortable than smaller ones, as they provide more support and are better at relieving pressure points.

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